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Our friends
the microbes

Used for thousands of years by our ancestors, microorganisms have proven their benefits on health and well-being. For several decades, probiotics have been highlighted for their significant influence on human health. Indeed, beyond their indispensable action in the intestinal microbiota, more and more studies highlight their influence in certain metabolic pathologies, dementia or psychological disorders. The direct contribution of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and/or substrates that favor their implantation (prebiotics, symbiotics), or even biomolecules derived from them (post- and parabiotics) are Greencell's research and development axes. 

Microorganisms & Health

Yoga Practice

Microorganisms & Well-Being, Cosmetics

Formerly criticized, bacteria are the new targets of cosmetic developments given the crucial role of the skin microbiota in the protection and defense of the skin. Based on parabiotic ingredients (inactivated intact form of the probiotic or cellular fraction based on peptidoglycan, surface proteins, membrane extracts) and/or post-biotic ingredients (refers to the products secreted during the fermentation of probiotics and responsible for their beneficial effects), Greencell sources renewable, eco-friendly and bioactive ingredients

from the microbial world for the cosmetic field.

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