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GREENCELL is a CDMO ( Contract development and manufacturing organization)

For more than 25 years, GREENCELL, a company of the Greentech group, has been a leader in microbial ecology, expert in industrial fermentation (solid and liquid), with benchmark products in Agronomy

(bio-fertilization, bio-stimulation and biocontrol) and in the Environment (treatment of

polluted environments).


GREENCELL is a CDMO (Contract development and manufacturing organization)

Our teams have useful skills at all stages of service needs. From your ideas of principle, your bench-top developments, to routine production,

GREENCELL builds solutions on industrial fermenters.


All our services (production, R&D, quality control, etc.) and process facilities allow the agility required during scale-up and the capacity specific to biotechnology production plants.

expertise and agility in industrial microbiology

Title Section

Product performance  

all our products sold comply with the technical specifications desired or claimed (Titles, dry matter, optical density, cleanliness ...)


Analysis performance and release  

GREENCELL releases 800 finished products per year.

We analyze the various contaminations (Yeasts, molds, FMAT, pathogens). Also, we carry out stability analyzes in order to guarantee

the effectiveness of our products at DLUO.

Air, work surfaces, water are also tested

which guarantee the performance of our cleaning operations and the maintenance of our equipment.


Practice performance

registered in a HACCP approach, the industrial teams respect the GMP (good manufacturing practices) imposed

by our ISO22000 and GMP certifications.


Procurement performance  

GREENCELL assesses, audits and selects its suppliers

in order to comply with the requirements of ISO22000 and GMP.

Each input must be documented following

our quality and traceability criteria.

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